Terms & Conditions

I hereby acknowledge that I am attending the Absa marathon (the “Event”) with Absa Bank Zambia PLC (“Absa”), from on or about 02 – 08 October 2022.

  1. I am fully aware of and appreciate all the risks associated with all the activities, including transportation to and from (if applicable) the Event and I hereby consent to all activities, including transportation to and from the Event provided by Absa (if applicable), which are undertaken at my own risk.
  2. I hereby accept that neither Absa nor its employees, Directors, Officers, Sub-Contractors, Consultants, Agents, or other Representatives (in whose favour this constitutes a stipulation on behalf of another) accept any responsibility and liability for any loss or damages flowing from any injury to myself or damage to my property which I may sustain or any loss or damages which any other person may sustain flowing from my death or disability as a result of any Direct or Indirect act, Omission, Default or Neglect by Absa or its Employees, Directors, Officers, Sub-contractors, Consultants, Agents, or other representatives whilst engaged in any activities at the Event or transportation to or from (if applicable) the Event provided by Absa. I waive any right that I may have to claim against Absa or its employees, directors, officers, sub-contractors, consultants, agents, or other representatives in respect of any such loss or damages, howsoever arising and whether as a result of negligence or otherwise, and I hereby expressly indemnify and keep them harmless against all such claims.
  3. I hereby indemnify Absa for all and any loss or damages that Absa may suffer as a result of my acts or conduct while attending the Event, whether the acts or conduct resulting in such loss or damages is committed at the Event itself, or on the transportation provided by Absa to and from the Event (if applicable).
  4. I undertake to leave the premises where the Event is held and all the equipment used during the Event in a clean state and in good order and not bring Absa’s name or brand into disrepute, failing which, I accept:
      • responsibility and liability for the replacement or repair of any damaged property or other damage caused as a result of my actions; and
      • liability for any damage or loss caused by me to Absa or Absa’s name or    brand, or to any other property or person.
  1. I acknowledge that Absa, its Employees, Directors, Officers, Sub-contractors, Consultants, Agents, or other Representatives reserve the right to allow and deny access to any person into the Event or on any transportation provided by Absa to or from the Event (if applicable).
  2. By entering the marathon I warrant that all the information herein supplied by me are true and correct and that I have read and sought independence advice on the same.
  3. I acknowledge that by participating in the physical event, I will be required to wear the running attire provided by the organizer(s) as part of the race pack during the event and failure to comply with this requirement will disqualify me from the race and make me ineligible to receive a participation medal and/or recognition.
  4. I hereby also provide my written, voluntary, informed, specific and irrevocable consent for Absa to publish my name and/or photograph/s, images or videos in regard to the Event (at no fee) in any advertising, promotional, print, point-of-sale or public relations material relating to this Event.
  5. I accept and acknowledge that the nature of the publications will be determined at the sole discretion of Absa from the date of the Event. I further confirm that I will not have any recourse to legal action against Absa for whatever reason for its usage of my name and/or photograph/s, image or video in regards to the Event and if my name and/or photograph/s, image and/or video is required to be used for any other purposes other than for this Event, then Absa will need to engage with me directly to obtain my written consent and I will not withhold consent if the request for use is reasonable.

The response for request should not take more than five (5) working days. I acknowledge that my personal information (inclusive of my name and/or photograph/s, images and/or video footage) will be processed in accordance with Absa’s Group Privacy Statement, accessible on absa.co.za.

  1. These terms and conditions are governed by the Laws of Zambia.